Gabriela B.
I sought acupuncture treatment due to back pain caused by grief and stress. I am so thankful to have found Margie! She takes the time to understand how you are feeling, ensuring that you get the most out of your appointment and your concerns addressed. She recommended some Chinese herbs and supplements that have also helped with my anxiety and stress. I always leave feeling relaxed and with noticeable improvement
Margie is the best! Every time I go to acupuncture with her I leave feeling relaxed and more aligned. She is very knowledgeable and takes her time. 10/10 Recommend!
Alyssa R.
Margie is caring and kind! She takes the time to listen and care for you as and individual and takes the time to do what is best for you! She obviously is great at acupuncture but also gives you additional ideas (supplements, diet, etc) to help you reach your health goal. I am so grateful to have found Margie!
Lotus H.
Supreme Acupuncture is amazing! It is a true gem in a crazy world. The therapists take an incredible amount of time understanding your individual symptoms and overall health. Not only do you receive a caring response but the holistic approach to good health assists in healing. Everything is individualized for you!
Eric S.
Great communication and easy to book. Really helped with ongoing lower back and shoulder pain that nothing else would fix. Margie is amazing.
Patti G.
Margie is amazing. She treats me for my back pain and arthritic shoulders and I could not be happier with the results. She is simply the best!
Jesica S.
Margie is the best! I always feel better when I leave her practice. She is very knowledgeable and a great listener. She is great at looking at the whole picture and creating a strategy to address concerns. If you’re looking for acupuncture, this is the place to go!
Jennifer G.
Margie is wonderful. She is diligent and thorough and does not rush. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed every session. I see an improvement in my overall health after every session.
Catherine W.
Margie is so knowledgeable and is eager to share everything she knows. She often suggests simple things to enhance my treatment results and improve my overall health. Couldn’t be happier.
Freddie H.
I Highly recommend Margie. I am a first time acupuncture patient and she has made the experience as pleasant as possible. Like others mentioned she gets to know her patients and is very professional.
K N.
I was new to acupuncture when I first found Margie a few months ago and didn’t really know what to expect. When I first met with her, she was very patient while I walked through what brought me in and then she set up a plan to address each of those issues. After going to see her now for a few months, I’m so grateful I found her! On the days I have my appointment, I get excited because I know I’ll soon be resting on one of the tables with the needles doing their job to help me relax and feel better. Margie’s kind and positive attitude make me feel at ease while I’m getting treatment and my ailments that brought me in are starting to fade away.
Nicole P.
I love Margie! She not only knows what she is doing but also takes the time to get to know her patients and incorporate the whole body into her treatments! Highly recommend for all things.
Vivian R.
Margie is so wonderful! In the couple sessions I have had so far she has given me such relief! She explains every point and practice she does so I know what she’s working on. I truly feel she really loves what she does. I highly recommend booking an appt with her, you won’t regret it!
Bonnie H.
From headaches to insomnia, stress, neck pain and now pregnancy, acupuncture helps my life in so many ways and Margie is wonderful in what she does for me. She evaluated my problems/issues with each appointment and works to fully understand and help me find relief in all areas. The 45 to one-hour session always goes by too fast for me because of how relaxed I feel during my visit. I leave her office feeling revived and refreshed and in less pain every single time. She knows how to truly make her patient’s quality of life better. She also recommended Gua sha, which has changed my life when it comes to my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. She also offers cupping which is a treatment I have come to love as well for pain and stress relief. I love this homeopathic way of dealing with the pain because medication has just been a band aid. She’s kind and understanding and she is my go m-to acupuncturist. I recommend her to everyone who asks about my treatment. Since finding out I was pregnant, she’s given me relief for some morning sickness as well and I look forward to continuing to learn how she can help me until my child arrives. The nights after seeing her are my most restful as well. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her services!
Julicua S.
Margie is very personable and she really listens to your needs. I feel so much better after a 12 week session with her. I would recommend Margie to all in need of pain therapy.
Kay B.
I have been suffering from achilles tendonitis. I decided to try acupuncture when stretching and PT weren't giving me enough relief to take long hikes. Margie worked with me on my achilles tendon, but we also worked to relieve tight calves and arches, and to level out my uneven hips. This holistic plan worked like a charm, and my first long steep hike in awhile didn't cause me any problems. Margie is very caring and personable. It was a please working with her.
Felicia D.
My experience being a client since 2022 has been very helpful. Supreme Acupuncture treating has been effective with my back pain from a Laminectomy Surgery. Margie is very professional&experience in doing a excellent job. She also offer cupping and natural therapy cream&ointment which she process them and sell at a reasonable price. I truly enjoy my 1 hour therapy season and enjoy listening to nice melody music which is very relax. The heating lamps are very smoothing to the skin.Usually when I arrive my pain in my lumbar is scale 1-10 its a 8however when my 1hr therapy session is completed my pain level is 0-1. I would highly recommend Margie to anyone who has had any kind of surgery or pain to experience for themselvesSupreme Acupuncture. I'm a very satisfy client. She get a 5 star rating from me. Felicia
Crystal P.
Due to chronic inflammation issues (hands, feet, etc); I decided to seek out alternative methods to help manage the inflammation and discovered acupuncture.Acupuncture has definitely improved my life. My treatment experience was excellent. My body responds well to acupuncture, so it usually just takes one session to eliminate the pain I’m experiencing, especially the shoulder and neck inflammation I experience.Acupuncture has given me new treatment options other than drugs or surgery. I am always looking for alternative methods to compliment Western treatments.I would recommend acupuncture to a friend. Overall, acupuncture treatments have helped me minimize chronic inflammatory symptoms by calming down the affected area. In return, this has allowed me to exercise more readily an almost pain free life.
Nelfri N.
Margie is amazing, her level of care is top of the line. Very flexible with her clients, understanding of your needs and very passions about what she does. I went to see her prior to IVF and feel this made a difference throughout my journey, always left her practice feeling calm and refresh. Location is very central and convenient with lots of parking spaces.
Chloe P.
I never expected that I would be writing a review for acupuncture as I am scared of needles and a big baby when it comes to what I perceive as pain, however after being in a car accident and getting a very intense concussion I was desperate to try anything to relieve the symptoms. My experience has been extremely positive thanks to Margie. Margie is incredibly professional and calming and eased my fears from the moment I sat down with her. The treatments that she has provided have significantly helped my concussion symptoms as well as my daily anxiety (and it doesn’t even hurt)! I have been able to return to work and my personal life at a much accelerated pace and would highly recommend to anyone dealing with similar circumstances.
Jason W.
As with most people my age, I am fighting off Father Time and a surgical intervention. With skilled hands, Margret has worked wonders on my entire body. I was amazed on how my hips have opened up thus releasing tension on the lower spine. Margret made me a believer and I look forward to every appointment!